This year’s Dates:

2. – 6. September 2019


we are very pleased to invite this year

Golden nose 2019 – winner, mexican clown, performer, director, teacher

Darina Robles

Darina with clown


Katharina Waltraud Boll

awardwinning Berlinian writer-director


The Summerworkshops:


12h30 – 16h : Where is my Clown?

Clown with Darina:

Objectives: Know and develop your Clown the one that makes you laugh and that delights the public with the guidance of the theatre and Clown School of Philippe Gaulier.

Discover your humour and share it by improvisations guided by the teacher.

Live the pleasure of making people laugh and not to laugh, to fail and save failure. Have a happy encounter with the Clown that lives inside you.


  1. The Clown: main caracteristics.
  2. Beautiful humanity. be yourself. Trust. The game.
  3. Pleasure. The pleasure of being in the game and fantasy. The Nobel Prize to the Clown. The Clown “caracter”.
  4. The logic of the Clown: sailing happily in the wise nonsense. The flop teacher: vulnerability as a strength.
  5. Complicity: Relationship with the public and with the scene partners. The inner and outer listening. The Status.
  6. Save the Show: conflict and solution at the clown’s house. Rythm. The number. Review of Contents.

More Infos About Dari:

“Darina Robles is generosity in person! Her look is that of someone with an open, affectionate and loving heart. The course with Darina helped me view myself, to know myself a little more through my Clown , in a light and sincere way. With myself and with the other. A beautiful aprenticeship for the craft of clowning and for everyday life, in which generosity, listening and looking at the other makes us see ourselves and learn through exchange. The workshop is wonderful and sensitive!” Karine Spurio, Brazil 2016

“Definitely one of the best experiences in my life! Nothing better then five sathurdays full of laughter within the best companionship atmosphere. When a nose opens the door to the game, the authenticity of who carries it makes the most generous and human side emerge. A new way of living the stage is also discovered: “Free living”. Clown with Darina : a true delight for the soul and for each one of the senses.” Ximea Ramirez Espinoza de los Monteros, Mexico 2014

Llaven nü -riendo junxs (social clown project)

Compañía Atanasia en Vimeo

Canal Darina Robles en Youtube


Dari flying



9 h – 11 h 30 :  How to move your audience ?

Melodrama, Acting and Good Timing

with Katharina


The pleasure of moving your audience without being boring.

The dream of an actor/actress. The tools of good partnership, good timing, good rythm. The pleasure of the game – the scaffold of a beautiful show. The secrets of a beautiful text.

Discover your lightness even in melodramatic situations and with dramatic caracters.

Dare to be big.

Discover the pleasure of sharing the beautiful stories of men’s life with an audience.

Discover silence and the pleasure of surprising the audience.

Test your special tools that makes of you a special and distinctive actor / actress.

Let dream the audience around you.

Discover your beauty, your beautiful Timing that permits a special place to the audience’s imagination.


  1. the game. Complicity and relationship with your partner. Majeur-mineur: who leads the game? How to feed the game as a mineur, as a majeur.
  2. the melodramatic timing. The Melodrama-audience. The melodrama’s subjects and roles.
  3. Fixed points and rythm: the scaffold of evry good game.
  4. The Timing. How far can you go? Finding a way out of the realistic to enter in theatre. The beautiful, imaginatif timing. Let breath the audience.
  5. Finding your liberty with big emotions and a beautiful timing. Surprise the audience. The test: do they cry? Do they feel pity? The pleasure of playing melodramatic stories.
  6. Your stories – good stories. How to develop a good theatre scene from a moving story.



more infos about Katharina:,



WHEN: 2. – 6. September 2019, Melo: 9 – 11h30, Clown: 12h30-16h

WHERE: Tangotanzen macht schön, Oranienstraße 185, 10999 Berlin

Contact and Info:,  Tel: +49 157 30 30 11 70

Cost:  Clown: 290.-€, Melodrama/Acting: 200.-€, Both: 450.-€





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27. – 31.8.2018

CLOWN, COMEDY and MUSIC workshop with Toby PARK and GOOD TIMING and big emotions : MELODRAMA and ACTING workshop with Katharina BOLL

Clown, Comedy & Music

led by Toby Park, managing artistic director & musical director of Spymonkey and comedy director at the RSC London






Good timing and big emotions : Melodrama and acting

led by Katharina Boll, award-winning writer-director,



Take care of you Katharina


contact:  Katharina Boll,, Tel: +49 157 30 30 11 70

Pictures from the workshops and productions before:

cechov 1



bouffonne et macbeth 3

Pictures from the Summer Workshops Clown with Toby Park in Berlin 2017

Clown 1

clown 3

Clown 2