Summer Workshops in Berlin 28.8.-1.9.2017





are giving two exceptionnel summer workshops in Berlin:

1) Make an audience laugh:

CLOWN & COMEDY  (with Toby)

Toby Park is a director, actor, teacher and musician and has been making theatre with his company Spymonkey for nearly 20 years. He makes theatre that is surreal, anarchic and very funny.

In this week-long workshop you will explore some of the building blocks of physical comedy that he likes to use with Spymonkey to create work. Using games and exercises and in a generous spirit of play and fun (two vastly underrated qualities!), you will explore the fundaments of clown.

If  pleasure is being the most fundamental quality of any actor, for clown it is the specific pleasure to be ridiculous in front of an audience, of making them laugh. So you will look of unlocking that sense of pleasure – the pleasure of delighting of the idiocy of your fellow performers, of taking that sense of the ridiculous further and beyond and into something sublime.

What makes me uniquely funny on stage? How can I work with my fellow performers to make brillantly hilarious work? You will belly laugh at each others‘ ridicilousness, you will guffaw at each others‘ stupidity, you will be astouned by the vulnerability, spontanity, vitality, creativity, and sheer brilliancy that we will see in our fellow performers.

You will get frustrated that the best comedy is elusive and fragile, and of the moment, we will understand why is that so funny? Sometimes we will be able to repeat it and build on it, sometimes we won’t, and we will remember that being funny is bloody hard work.

At some point in the week, we will explore costume. Toby loves mixing theatre with music and dance. So later in the week, you will explore doing some of your own music. If you play an instrument, we’ll ask you to bring it with you. If you don’t play an instrument, you may want to borrow one.

Seriously, this is going to be funny.

Toby Park has worked in Theatre as an Actor, Composer, Director and Teacher. He is a founder-member of Spymonkeys, the UK’s leading physical comedy company with whom he performed all over te world, and with the Cirque de Soleil in Las Vegas.

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28/08/17-01/09/17 from 9 am to 12h30 pm

2) Move your audience:

GOOD TIMING (with Katharina)

Dramatic and comic timing

Wir brauchen eine gute Beziehung zum Publikum, ein starkes Gefühl für den Raum, die wunderbare Leichtigkeit und das Vergnügen des inspirierten Spiels mit unseren Partnern, dem Text und dem Rhythmus.
Ein überraschendes Timing ist das Geheimnis großer Schauspieler und ihr spezielles Vergnügen. Nicht realistisch. Der Schauspieler bewegt die Fantasie des Zuschauers. Auf der Suche nach dem unverwechselbaren, atemberaubenden Timing.
Timing ist die Königin einer schönen Geschichte.

This course examines how theatrical timing, rhythm and it’s understanding creates surprise and therefore comic and dramatic moments. How can we be authentic, magnificent, playful and therefore have presence in the space?
Theatre and films are created momentously. We’ll need a wonderful relationship with the audience, a great feeling for the space where we and our audience are transported and imagine another place: To explore a wonderful lightness and joy to play a written or improvised text with a partner or in an ensemble
A wonderful timing is the endless pleasure of a great actor and his/her secret. We will explore this through many different ways, looking for the unique timing and taste of each actor in scene, number or show.
Timing is the queen of a beautiful story.

Katharina Waltraud Boll, preisgekrönte Regisseurin, Autorin, Theaterlehrerin arbeitete u.a. im Wiener Konzerthaus und dem Dt. Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, an der UdK Berlin, und an der Ecole Philippe Gaulier Paris. Zu ihren Schülern gehört u.a. der Salzburger-Stier-Preisträger Mike Supancic, Peter Shub, Hauke Heumann, Jan Thümer u.a. Als Autorin wurde sie für vom öst. Kulturministerium mehrfach als outstanding artist prämiert, war 2016 Wettberwerbssiegerin der styriarte, Stipendiatin des Cheltenham Literature Festivals , des Österr. Kulturministeriums, des Wiener Kulturamts, nominiert für den Ikarus und erhielt 2017 das Mira-Lobe-Stipendium für ihr aktuelles Stück.

Katharina Waltraud Boll, awardwinning director, theatre-teacher, writer, has worked as a director and theatre teacher amongst others at the Wiener Konzerthaus, Dt. Schauspielhaus Hamburg, UdK Berlin and the Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Paris. As a writer, she was twice prized „outstandig artist“ by the Austrian Arts Council, granted by the Cheltenham Literature Festival and the Austrian Arts Council and nominated for the Ikarus Prize Berlin.

(„She is fantastic in giving freedom and imagination to her students and actors, to situations and a good play“ Philippe Gaulier)

(„In Katharinas Unterricht habe ich erfahren, dass die Bühne ein Ort ist für Gewinner, Verlierer, Clowns, Helden und Dämonen,  für einsame Herzen, Hochstapler und Krüppel – Ein gefährlicher Rummelplatz, auf dem es sich lohnt, zu spielen“ Jan Thümer, Volkstheater Wien)

28-08-2017 til 01-09-2017 from 1:30 pm to 4 pm

at TANGOTANZEN MACHT SCHÖN, Oranienstraße 185, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U: Kottbusser Tor

Costs: Clown: 290.-, Timing : 190.-

Infos:, phone: +49 157 30 30 11 70

The workshops are open for everybody, beginners, professionals, all ages 18 upwards

Clown is given in English and German, Good Timing in German/English/French

After having contacted us per mail, you may fill in the application form, that will be sent to you by mail.
A deposit of 80.- Euro is required for each workshop (the banking details will be sent to you together with the application form).
Please note:
The application becomes bindingly after receiving the deposit.
You will be notified in writing as soon as the payment has been received and the place is secured.
The remaining amount has to be paid on the first day of the workshop.
It is possible to withdraw 25 days before the beginning of the workshop, after that no refund can be made.
If you withdraw before 80 % of the deposit will be held for administration.